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7-channel, 200Wx7 smart power amplifier


ultimate high-definition theater audio

The Acurus A2007 is the seven-channel home theater amplifier in the Acurus A2000 series. Like the A2005, the A2007 amplifier can be the driver of a high-value 7-channel home theater system plus a 2-channel music system with its ability to maximize stereo performance by disabling unused channels.

Controlling and monitoring the A2007 is easy with the Acurus line's innovative new ethernet port functionality.

  • high-quality, high value multichannel amplification
  • fully-discrete analog amplifier design
  • ideal companion for a high-performance, HD-capable, pre-amp processor
  • great add-on for enhancing the amplification capability of a multichannel-AVR
  • stand-alone or rack-mount capable with optional rack mount kit
  • intelligent, flexible, 2-way ethernet-based control and status monitoring
  • readily interfaces with popular home control solutions
  • solid American engineering and construction
  • THX Ultra2-certified
  • Datasheet