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13.3 immersive HD audio pre-amp processor

the center of your entertainment world  

The ACT 4 processor from Acurus features 13 main outputs and 1 subwoofer output for native decoding and rendering of immersive audio streams with 2 additional subwoofer outputs for larger speaker layouts such as 7.3.6.

Indy Audio Labs’ unique ACT 4 immersive audio processor features a number of technology benefits:
• Support for fully decoding and upmixing to the largest speaker layouts.
• Simplified setup via front panel or mobile device saves installation and setup time.
• Crossmixing enables upmixing of channel-based Dolby or DTS audio using either Dolby Surround or DTS Neural Surround.
• Intelligent Auto Mode optimally fills all loudspeakers for any source format.
• Our FastSwitch technology switches decoding formats in 100ms -- that's 10x faster than other decoders or AVRs at any price.
• Extensive layout support for handling a wide variety of listening situations.
• Proprietary system architecture delivers state-of-the-art immersive technology with an absolute devotion to sound purity and expression.