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Save time and gain control with E2C

We get a good number of questions regarding one of the newest Technologies incorporated in Acurus and Aragon products we're calling "E2C" which stands for "Enhanced Ethernet Control". Here's some information about this exciting new technology, unique to Indy Audio Labs and its new Aragon and Acurus products.

What it is

Simply put, E2C automatically creates a smart, simple way to interact with our audio products on the local network. You plug your Aragon or Acurus device into the local network via an Ethernet cable, call the device up on a browser-equipped smartphone or tablet and viola - full control and monitoring at your fingertips. 


Why E2C?

We feel that E2C is the simplest, fastest way to access and control a product on the home network, period. No control app downloads or app store visits are required. Even an Internet connection is optional (although it enhances the experience). E2C works right out of the box with very little setup effort or time. E2C is fast and responsive which puts the user, not the machine, in control.

Contact a dealer or one of our reps to experience E2C first-hand.  See our E2C Quick Start Guide to learn how simple and fast the setup can be.