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Find a USA authorized dealer...

To locate an authorized USA dealer, click here. You may also email Acurus directly at sales@acurusav.com or call 866.559.5113.


Find an International dealer or distributor...

To locate an authorized dealer or distributor outside the USA, click here. You may also inquire about international sales by telephone at 317.485.7088 (o), 317.757.1434 (m) and ask for Mr. Sheldon Combs.  Mr. Combs can also be reached via email at at sheldon.combs@indyaudiolabs.com.

Buy through our web store (USA only)

While new US dealers and installers are being added to the Acurus family every week, we realize that you may not have an authorized dealer nearby. Therefore, we offer direct shipment to your home and a 30-day in-home audition through our secure web store.

ARIES – 2.1 channel integrated amplifier


Acurus Aries, 2.1 Integrated Amplifier, 120V, US price: $2799.99


A2002 - 2 channel amplifier


Acurus A2002, 2-channel Amplifier, 120V, US price: $2799.99


A2005 - 5 channel amplifier


Acurus A2005, 5-channel Amplifier, 120V, US price: $3999.99


A2007 - 7 channel amplifier


Acurus A2007, 7-channel Amplifier, 120V, US price: $4499.99