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what our customers are saying...

Acurus delivers cutting-edge technology and high-end audio performance to customers around the world -- here's a small sample of what our customers are saying...

"I am really enjoying it!"

- Dawne, Acurus A2002 customer


"I am absolutely delighted... I am using a seven-channel Acurus A2007"

- Bernal, Acurus A2007 customer


what the professionals are saying...

"Value Indeed -- Indy Audio Labs has indeed held up their end, when they say that Acurus is a “value” brand.  At a mere $2,499, I can’t recommend it highly enough to those with a reasonably priced system, where budget still is an object – yet great sound is a priority.  The build is solid, and an exercise in elegant simplicity.  The sound of the A2002 has really put my modest system into a whole new category, making it a lot of fun to listening to both old and new music in my collection all over again."

                                                                               -Todd Sageser, Tone Audio Magazine, July 2012                                                 


"The Acurus A2005 amp is a super deal for that price ($3499 MSRP). I love the sounds great with music, and if it sounds great with music it should be killer with home theater. The power is pretty effortless too, it plays like it is much more powerful than its ratings would lead you to believe."

- Robert Archer, Senior Editor, CE Pro Magazine, June 2012


"Indy Audio Labs has remained true to its roots.  The Acurus A2002 is a worthy successor to the Mondial Designs Acurus A200.  With a dead silent transformer, and what seemed like unlimited power reserves, the A2002 was able to drive the 90db sensitive B&W 683s to deafening levels with no hint of distortion, yet at normal listening levels provided a nuanced presentation that made the music always engaging.  Extremely well built, it will survive several rounds of upgrades of other components in your system."

- Frank Berryman, Ultra High-End Review, May 2012


“I got the opportunity to try the Acurus 2007 in my theatre last night… WOW!… It is a very musical amp, especially for a product that is a home theatre power amp. And I am using [loudspeakers] that are difficult to drive too.”

  - Mark Hamilton, Custom Integrator, Australia, Mar 2012